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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Where will I go?

You let us know! As a locum tenens provider you can find temporary Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant jobs in a variety of settings across the country including hospitals, private practices, HMOs, out-patient facilities, nursing homes, schools, community centers and government facilities. Positions are available in large, urban-area facilities that are expanding or in more rural, medically-underserved locations that simply need your help! Are you relocating or wishing to work in another state and don't have a license? We will get one for you. We even offer licensure reimbursement!

What does locum tenens mean?

The term "locum tenens" is Latin for "to hold the place of." When used today, it refers to providers who work at facilities on a temporary basis - anywhere from two weeks to ongoing, indefinite assignments - whether filling in for a full-time provider who is on vacation or leave -- or providing a stop-gap measure while a facility recruits a permanent provider.

How can help me?

Practicing locum tenens is certainly liberating, but scheduling assignments, arranging travel and lodging, submitting credentials, negotiating pay rates, and securing malpractice insurance for each assignment can be overwhelming. coordinates all of these details on your behalf, at no cost to you. Are you in transition or looking for a permanent job? Locum tenens can be the best way to evaluate a long-term match between your needs and preferences with the culture and practice of the facility you choose to "try out."

What if I don't have a license?

Not licensed in a state where you'd like to practice? offers full licensing services and pays all of the fees associated with getting you licensed for an assignment with us.

How long would I work/what is my typical schedule?

Work as little or as much as you want! We will present you jobs that offer the duration and schedule you are seeking. You can travel to another state and stay on a long-term assignment or government opportunity for which we provide or reimburse you for lodging and transportation; or simply choose to supplement your income or add a few shifts or days to your current schedule. You can "try out" a permanent opportunity or choose locums as a full-time career and work as little or as often as you want.

How do I get paid?

We provide complete payroll services. You will function as an independent contractor (1099 status) and report your hours to You are in control of your income and you can maximize your earnings. We pay bi-weeklyand even offer direct deposit for your convenience-especially while you are traveling! Additionally, your housing and transportation costs are covered and we provide your malpractice insurance with limits up to 1/3 million!

Why do I want to do locums?

A Variety of Reasons are Given by Different Providers.

  • Freedom and Flexibility - Work as little or as often as you want. You are in complete control of your schedule. You decide how often you would like to work, what kind of assignments you want, even what cities you'd like to visit and how far you want to travel! We can likely have opportunities within driving distance to your home.
  • Adventure - Explore new cities as a locum tenens provider; your travel and lodging will be paid for by Try out small practices, rural under-served locations or even large urban hospitals, university settings or government institutions such VA Medical Centers or Indian Health facilities.
  • Try Options Before You Commit - A locum tenens assignment may become a permanent placement if the facility has a full-time need and the provider has the desire to stay. Working locum tenens can be a great way for providers to "try out" different cities and facilities before making a long term commitment. If you choose to work as a locums full-time you don't have to worry about red-tape or administrative hassles - we handle that for you.
  • Supplemental Income - Supplement your income by adding a few shifts or days to your current schedule. We may have some shift work or a part-time position to meet your needs.

How do I get started?

That is easy too! We offer several options. You chooose what works best for you.

Who provides malpractice insurance?, a Jackson Healthcare Company, provides comprehensive malpractice insurance on an occurrence-based policy with limits of one million and three million.