Advanced Practice Trends 2012-2013

Are Nurse Practitioners & Physician Assistants Ready for the Future?

Major forces are at work propelling the demand for mid-level providers. However, factors such as state-to-state regulatory inconsistencies and doubt about their role threaten the opportunities advanced practice offers.

This report offers a snapshot of the attitudes and outlooks of nurse practitioners and physician assistants. Topics surveyed and included in this report:

  • Employment demographics
  • Career and retirement plans
  • Overall job satisfaction and drivers of satisfaction
  • Preferred work environment
  • Threats to job satisfaction & growth
  • Duties & roles


This survey was conducted online from November through December 2012. Invitations for the survey were emailed to nurse practitioners and physician assistants who have been placed by Jackson Healthcare staffing companies and those who have not.

Respondents were self-selected with 395 respondents completing the survey. The error range for this survey at the 95th percent confidence level is +/- 5.0 percent.


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