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• Locum - Physician - Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant Hermiston, OR
• Profession: Physician Assistant
• Specialty: Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant
• Unit: Good Shephard Medical Center - EM - (4742)
• Start Date: 10/3/2022
• # of Providers Needed: 1
• Shift Type: Varied
• Est. Shifts: 7
• Shift Description: 7am-7pm, 7pm-7am
• Weekend Requirements: Yes
• On Call Requirements: Yes
MANDATED Job Requirements:
• Provider must have a clean file and 7 plus shifts available per month.
• All candidates must have meet the minimum shift availability listed on the job.
• CV must have all dates in MM/YY to MM/YY format
• Work History must be in Sequential order with most resent on top
• Any Gaps over 30 days must be explained on the CV
• EPA (Please use the attached EPA. Its also in Trio under your Name & then click on Help)

  • ASAP
  • Ongoing

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