Idaho Occupational Medicine Need

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• Perform post-offer physicals, non-work related return to work medical clearance examinations.
• Provide urgent and episodic care to employees.
• Respond to in plant medical emergencies and evaluate employees with acute episodic illness and refer when appropriate.
• Assess, diagnose, treat, and provide ongoing medical management of workplace injuries and non-occupational conditions (episodic and urgent), including writing prescriptions and facilitating referrals in collaboration with the physician.
• Drive chronic disease management process, including education and wellness physicals.
• Maintenance of charts and employee incident records.
• Perform minor procedures including but not limited to suturing, splinting, joint injection, trigger finger injection, arthrocentesis, x-ray interpretation.
• Case management of workman’s compensation claims in conjunction with the employer representative and insurance carrier.
• Facilitate return to work and light duty assignments for employees with work related injuries.
• Maintain current case log for workplace injuries outlining treatment plan for weekly case review.
• Assure compliance with OSHA and DOT programs such as hearing conservation, blood borne pathogen training, random drug screening and follow up programs.

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