Physician Assistant Nurse Practitioner Grass Valley, CA

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Physician Assistant Nurse Practitioner Grass Valley, CA
We are looking for a Physician Assistant Nurse Practitioner to join our medical team full time in Green Valley, CA. We are looking for a kind, compassionate practitioner who can provide high quality medical care to our patients. We are an urgent care clinic, and we are looking for a provider who has experience in the Urgent Care or ED, one who can provide a range of services, and fill the medical needs of all age ranges.

About us:

Our goal is to give service driven urgent care. We want all employees to be customer focused. Our customers have a choice of where they receive their medical care. We can stand out by giving the best customer care in our community. Management wants all of you to know that this is our priority!! With over 20 years of experience serving the community, we have an excellent reputation for providing superior levels of service and we work hard to maintain that level of excellence in medical care.


• Provide high quality medical care to all patients. (up to date knowledge/understanding of urgent care medical problems, properly interpreting test results, making accurate diagnoses, prescribing current treatments of choice, and arranging for appropriate consultations and follow up)
• Documentation/records using our EMR -creating accurate and complete visit notes that are signed off within 24 hours of visit. Work efficiently, optimize patient flow, and keep patient wait times to minimum
• When patients need to be transferred to the emergency department, give report to the doctor on duty in the ED, or, if the doctor is not available, to the charge nurse. Document who you spoke with in the visit note and send it with the patient as well as any labs, ECG, and x-rays that we did
• Assign ICD-10, E&M, CPT, and HCPCS codes appropriate to the care and services delivered and provide supporting documentation
• Respond to patient phone calls in a timely manner

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