Nurse (Procedure RN) College Park, MD

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Nurse (Procedure RN) College Park, MD
We are seeking a Registered Nurse to join our medical practice part time in College Park, MD. We are looking for a result-oriented Procedure Nurse to assist our medical team with pre and post procedure care, as well as assisting during pain management procedures 2 days per week. Our ideal candidate is a team player, effective communicator, who is forward thinking with a focus on service orientation.

The Pain Procedure Nurse who, under direct supervision of the Pain Medical Director, is responsible for the safety of the patients while in the procedural suite and assists with supervision of nonprofessional personnel in the unit. The Pain Procedure Nurse is responsible and accountable for the delivery of individualized nursing care to patients in the pre and post procedural period as well as during the procedure. By incorporating current clinical knowledge with established nursing practices, performs nursing interventions utilizing the nursing process. By assessment of the individual patient and the procedure, he/she anticipates the needs of the patient and provide for those needs while maintaining a safe and therapeutic environment.

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Our medical office provides high-quality integrated healthcare to people suffering from neuro-musculoskeletal injuries and chronic conditions. Our extensive slate of office-based diagnostic, surgical and rehabilitation services, provided by our team of compassionate and skilled professionals, are medically managed from evaluation through treatment to ensure patients have the best achievable outcomes. We are a leader in care delivery for personal injury and worker’s compensation cases and have a proven track record of returning patients to their pre-injury level of activity as quickly as possible. We are invested in doing the right thing. Please send your resume to Sign up or sign in for contact information

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