Pediatric Neuro Oncology - PA Needed in CA

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Location: San Francisco, CA

Start: September

21-week assignment

M-F, 8hr days. 8am-430pm, in person, no remote.

Work Details:
• Support staff: 1 other very senior NP currently in neuro onc, and then there are 3 general onc NPs who can serve as a resource. There are two RNs in neuro onc + a patient navigator (non-clinical) + 4 physician neuro oncologists.
• Patient population/age: Pediatric
• Department description: Pediatric Oncology
• Skills required: Skills required: 2 years peds neuro onc or peds onc required, clinical trial exp strongly preferred, must have experience working with peds oncology, must be comfortable with peds LP

Practice Setting:
• Hospital

• Board Certification: Yes. Pediatric Oncology/Oncology. PAs must have Master's in PA Studies.
• State license required: Yes, State of CA
• DEA: Yes
• Certifications required: AHA BLS
• Minimum experience required: 2 years as a peds onc PA, willing to consider PAss with strong inpatient exp and limited onc exp, must have peds exp.

Credentialing Timeframe: 60 – 90 days

Keeya Milner
Recruiting Associate
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5930 Cornerstone Court West, Suite 300
San Diego, CA 92121
Based in Atlanta, GA (EST)

  • 21 week assignment
  • No Call
  • Travel and malpractice covered

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