Psychiatric Physician Assistant or Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Manhattan, NY

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Psychiatric Physician Assistant or Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Manhattan, NY
Part time
Must have experience working with addiction
$83,000 - $120,000 depending on schedule
Duties to include:
Seeing patients (in person or remotely). Managing medication. Charting. Submitting prior authorizations for medication. Speaking with collaborating therapists.
Techniques/ Specialty utilized: Psychiatric follow-up. Psychopharmacology. Telehealth technologies. EHR and eRx technology. Injection techniques (intramuscular deltoid and gluteus injections). Scanning technology. Electronic forms. Virtual office phone technology.
Office hours and days candidate will work: 8 to 16 hours per week either pre-scheduled or based on patient scheduling. All hours could be condensed on 2 days or spread throughout the week. Prescheduled hours will have practice development tasks during non-clinical hours (e.g., reviewing charts, collecting data for publication, doing patient or provider outreach, etc.)
Salary (range):
• $83,000 - $120,000 depending on schedule
Bonus compensation: Annual bonus
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner located at our New York, New York location.
You will have the opportunity to further develop your clinician skills while observing the leading physicians well-developed abilities as a psychiatric diagnostician, treatment planner, and addictionologist.
The practice caters to a varied patient mix to include Complex Cases, Treatment Failures, Second Opinions, First Looks and Interdisciplinary Cases. With Service offerings such as Extended Assessments, Medication Review and Simplification, Genetic Testing, Precision Medicine, Suboxone and Vivitrol, Multidisciplinary Collaboration, Concierge Care, Medication Management, Comprehensive Care Planning (wrap-around care) and insurance-based care within the Cigna network.
The ideal candidate will be licensed in New York State, be Board Certified (or pending Board Certification) Please send your resume to bri

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