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Hello! I'm Kayla Webb and I'd be thrilled to take on the role as your dedicated Locum Tenens recruiter!

My approach is all about building strong connections with providers, and in partnership with Consilium Staffing, I've honed the art of finding dream opportunities for my candidates.

Currently serving as a Physician Recruiter specializing in Behavioral Health, I have an extensive array of state and private positions available in prime locations across the map—from CT to CA, and everywhere in between. Plus, I'm proud to collaborate with the U.S. Government, with numerous VAMCs nationwide in urgent need of coverage.

Calling all Psychiatrists, Neurologists, PMHNPs, APRNs and Psychologists: Let's team up to staff hospitals and clinics for a successful New Year!

Whether you're seeking assignments spanning 3 months, 6 months, or even up to a year, or prefer ongoing opportunities without a set end date, I've got you covered.

Ready to embark on your next career adventure? Reach out to me today, and let's make it happen!

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  • Can Cover travel and lodging
  • Can help license in other states
  • Cover Malpractice Insurance

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