How to Accelerate the Search for Your Next Assignment as an Advanced Practice Provider

As an advanced practice provider (APP), whether you are embarking on a new career or seeking to transition into a new position, you have the advantage of flexibility within a wide range of medical specialties. Advanced practice providers encompass nurse practitioners (NPs), physician assistants (PAs), certified nurse midwives (CNMs), and certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs).

Define Clear Goals

In any role you choose to pursue, it's crucial to clearly define your professional goals and to chart a realistic path to achieve them. Are you looking for a career that offers you a fulfilling work-life balance? Do you need to have the ability to choose a flexible schedule? Do you have the desire to work under a variety of specialties? Or are you passionate about making a difference? Understanding your needs and aspirations will help you narrow your search and focus your efforts.

Organize your Professional Information

Before beginning your job search, ensure that your personal information like your education, experience, and career history is updated and organized. This facilitate the application process, especially when working with a recruiter. Having a comprehensive and polished profile enhances your chances of securing the position you want.


Harness the Power of Networking

Networking can be a game-changer in opening doors to new opportunities. While face-to-face interactions undeniably hold sway in securing a new assignment, professional social networks like LinkedIn and Doximity can be powerful catalysts during a job search. Discovering that you have a connection to a position you are applying for –  or serendipitously finding that someone you know is hiring for a role you are interested in – may prove to be invaluable for your career path.

Job Boards

To get visibility with potential employers that align with your goals and your desired setting, make use of a job board like, which functions as a springboard to start your assignment search.

You can search by specific filters such as title, specialty and location, or by individual keywords. When you find a job that feels like a good match, you will simply click “apply now” and be directed to to complete the application. After you apply, a dedicated recruiter will reach out and guide you through the application process.

Interview Preparation

As opportunities and interviews arise, it is essential to be well-prepared. Thoroughly review the position description and anticipate potential questions that may be posed during the interview. Familiarize yourself with the organization's values, mission, and culture, demonstrating your commitment and suitability for the role. 

Investing time in adequate preparation significantly increases your chances of making a positive impression. It's always a good idea to become familiar with some tips and suggestions for a successful interview. 

While it’s impossible to anticipate every question in an interview, making an effort to have a ready answer to questions and topics that are likely to come up will pay off greatly and set you apart from other candidates.

Maintain Resilience and Positivity

Navigating the job search process can be daunting, so remember to be resilient and stay positive. Embrace resilience and maintain a positive mindset throughout. Remember that rejection is a stepping stone on the path towards finding the right fit. Stay persistent, learn from each experience, and use setbacks as opportunities for growth.

While the search for a new assignment may seem intimidating, APPs have a wide set of tools at their disposal and considerable flexibility in career paths. By going in with a clear purpose and end goal, leveraging job search tools and connections effectively, being prepared going into interviews, and practicing resilience and positivity, you’ll be well on your way to your next advanced practice assignment before you know it.

Your next career breakthrough awaits. Start your search today.